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      Let’s start off with a story of two cousins.
      Above you see Kam & Simon, they’re so close they may as well be brothers. They both grew up in South Central Los Angeles but had very different experiences in their day to day lives. Kam was fortunate enough to go to private school in the nice part of town, while Simon had to go to their local public school. At school, however, neither of them quite fit in.
      Kam loved his school but wondered why there weren’t a lot of kids who looked like him. Kam excelled in athletics and was able to make a lot of friends through sports, but he also had an extremely big nerdy side that not everyone thought was cool. Simon, on the other hand, went to a school where the kids looked like him, but often wondered why his school didn’t have all the resources Kam’s school had. While a lot of the kids did look like him, he didn’t quite fit in because he was a nerd and being nerdy wasn’t really considered cool. Kam & Simon both found an identity within the gaming community. It was a place they both could go and get away from the stresses of life and express their creativity. Fast forward 15 years and those two nerds grew up to be Jonathan and Niko (cofounders). 
      We decided to create a company that portrays nerds in a new light and gives back to the underserved communities we come from. That was our story, but there are many other nerds out there that can relate. Our goal is to create a brand that nerds can feel good about identifying with. 
      What do you think of when nerds comes to mind? Let me guess, the button-down shirts with high waist khakis. That’s an outdated stereotype and SclObo is here to change that! Nike is for athletes, North Face is for the outdoorsman and Lululemon is for the Yoga Enthusiast.
      What do nerds have?
      SclObo is a streetwear brand created for Gamers and we’re here to revamp the image of the modern-day nerd