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Helm of the Conqueror

Posted by Niko Richardson on

Helm of the Conqueror

Kam grasped Simon by the shoulders, “It’s all on you now Simon, you have to bring it home. All that training, practice, experience and skills you’ve developed all for this moment.

You got this, there’s nobody else I’d trust to do this but you.” Simon patted Kam on the shoulder as he made his way to the arena. Stopping at the entrance Simon turned to back to Kam, “I really gotta stop letting you talk me into this stuff”, Simon chuckled as he walked into the blinding light where he stood face to face with the Dragon Clan Chieftain, Glaezan. Glaezan, towering over Kam and Simon by twenty feet stooped down to Simon, “I don’t know how you two learned to speak our tongue, but you will soon come to regret it.”

Time seemed to stop as Simon loosened his muscles. Simon felt the weight of what was riding on his shoulders with every step he took towards the center of the arena “Look forward. Don’t think or look at the hundred other dragon clansmen watching. You just gotta get this big guy to surrender or else he’s going to eat you and probably set Kam on fire for that little stunt Kam pulled earlier.” Simon shook his head, “Come on Simon! Focus! Kam doesn’t take risks he knows he can’t win.”

Simon looked up at the Dragon Chieftain, “How we learned it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that by the end of day you will bow before me as the new chief.” Infuriated Glaezan swung at Simon with his massive tail, smashing the pillars and statues around the arena before slamming into Simon. As the dust settled Simon stood tall with blood trickling over his eye and down his neck to his arms, which were wrapped around Glaezan’s tail.

Simon chuckled as the dragons watching roared out in shock. “My turn”, Simon mumbled. He tightened his grip, squeezing the dragon’s scaly tail as he began to swing the dragon chief around the arena slowly picking up speed before throwing him into the pillars of the arena. Glaezan stumbled to his feet, still in shock from being thrown across the arena by such a tiny foe. “In all my years of being Dragon Chieftain never have I met such a worthy opponent.

Little one as a sign of respect to your strength I shall come at you with my full strength.” Glaezan began brimming with light until his whole body was illuminated. The dragon chieftain began to shrink into the form of a 12-foot anthromorphic dragonkin. “Worry not little one, I’m not giving you a handicap but rather showing you my full strength in this condensed form.”

Simon wiped the blood from his brow, “Thank you for your sign of respect, but that still isn’t going to change the outcome of this match.” Simon and Glaezan both chuckled, “Oh, is that so human? Then show me your resolve!” Simon cracked a grin, “Gladly.” Simon and Glaezan wasted no time before clashing with each other in the center of the arena. The two fighters matched each other blow for blow, with each hit shaking the arena.

Stumbling back to catch his breath Simon slipped, creating an opportunity for Glaezan to wrap his tail around Simon. With his arms pinned down by Glaezan’s tail, Simon was defenseless as Glaezan unleashed a barrage of attacks. After turning Simon into a human punching bag Glaezan spun around and launched Simon into the pillars at the other side of the arena.

Seeing Simon’s broken body under a mountain of rubble Glaezan was assured of his victory and turned towards Kam, “I warned you but just like mortals, you rush to your deaths in seek of hope.” Simon dug his feet into the ground, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, letting it fill his body before exhaling with his head turned towards the sky. The dirt at his feet began blowing around him, gradually developing into a vortex.

Simon lowered his head until he locked eyes with Kam, who stood across the arena, looking as shocked as the rest of the dragons watching the vortex around Simon begin to glow with brilliant hues of amber and gold. “Guessing this wasn’t part of your calculations, huh, Kam” Simon chuckled, “Now where were we, Chieftain?” Glaezan shook with terror before he charged towards Simon with another flurry of attacks that hit only air.

Simon retaliated with a series of combos, each of which left Glaezan gasping as the air left his body. Staggering and breathing heavily, Glaezan managed to stay on his feet but Simon knew he was at his limits. “It ends here, Chief!” Simon shouted as his fist began glowing like a hunk of red-hot ore. Glaezan tried bracing himself, but it was of no use. Simon’s punch broke through the dragon’s guard and sent him flying into the walls of the arena.

When the dust settled Simon walked over to the wall where Glaezan’s body was stuck. On the verge of losing consciousness, Glaezan pried himself from the wall and fell to his knees before Simon, “I-I submit…. Chieftain.”

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