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Helm of the Tactician

Posted by Niko Richardson on

Helm of the Tactician

Kam and Simon scaled the jagged mountain path, digging into every nook they could find because just one misstep is all that stood between them and a one way trip into the void. When they finally made it to the top of the trail the air was thick with smoke. With every fiber in their being telling them to turn back, the two marched through the 100-foot dragon skeleton bridge.

As Kam and Simon walked deeper into the Dragon Clan’s territory they heard the booming of a rolling thunder. The wind began gusting in every direction, increasing in magnitude and then all went calm. The sky grew dark as a thunder of dragons swooped down from the clouds surrounding Kam and Simon. The largest dragon stood with its wings spread, “You have come far enough human.

You have journeyed further than any of the other clans ever dared to, for this I will commend your bravery and allow you to speak your purpose.” Kam looked around at the legendary Dragon Clan surrounding them. These were the ones who taught the other clans how to harness the elements and instructed them in the ways of mana. Kam knew if his plan failed there would be no chance of them walking out alive. He inhaled deeply, “We challenge you for title of chieftain and leadership of your clan!” Simon couldn’t tell if the dragons were laughing or cursing them in their ancient language.

“You foolish little whelps, here we thought after all these years of watching the clans fail to journey this far in search of our teaching we finally had new apprentices. We will never accept your challenge. Now be gone or else you will be fed to our young.” Kam turned to the other dragons watching, “We didn’t come this far to learn what we already know“, and Kam released a deep sigh and stretched his hand towards the sky. The sky turned black and the gentle breeze turned into vicious vortex around the dragons.

The winds grew so strong even the dragon chieftain had to brace himself. While he was channeling the elemental force in his right hand, Kam began channeling arcane magic into the earth. As Kam channeled his arcane magic into the earth a 30-foot golem rose. With his entire right arm now shining with power Kam slammed his fist into the ground, sending a bolt of thunder crashing down into the arcane golem. Dumbfounded the dragons roared out, “Blasphemy! It’s an abomination! Impossible!” The dragon chief stepped forward, “Human, how were you able to enhance the power of arcana with the elemental force?! In all our teaching never have we been able to tap into both at the same time.”

Kam and Simon stepped in front of the elemental-arcane golem, “How doesn’t matter. Do you accept our challenge?” Gathering its composure the dragon chief responded, “As impressive of a feat that was, we still will not accept your challenge. Leave these lands and never return.” Kam turned to the dragons, “I thought the dragon clansmen were proud warriors and never retreated from a challenge. Maybe all of those legends were just lies covering the truth, that you all are just overgrown lizards.”

With his eyes wide Simon turned to Kam, “Are you sure you should be antagonizing them like this? I’m normally down for a fight against odds and everything, but THESE ARE DRAGONS WE’RE DEALING WITH!” Kam looked back over his shoulder to Simon, “Relax Simon I got this.” Kam locked eyes with the dragon chieftain, “Their laws prevent them from harming anyone from another clan outside of a challenge. Isn’t that right Chief?”

The dragon chief’s eyes grew wide and it began trembling with rage, “HOW DARE YOU MOCK US CHILD?!” The dragons’ snapped and cracked their tails against the floor, splitting the earth beneath them. “Do you accept our challenge then or do you fear us?” “You insufferable, clawless mortals do you truly think WE would fear such a frail being such as yourselves?!

Only challenges spoken in the ancient tongue will be accepted! And seeing that you are not our kin you will never be able to truly challenge us. NOW BE GONE!” Kam smirked with a villainous grin, “So that’s all it takes?” Kam shouted the challenge again, but this time in the ancient draconic language known only to the dragons. “H-how?!

Where did you learn our tongue?”


“…Yes, we accept your challenge young ones.”

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