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Yoh’s Chest Piece of Unity

Posted by Niko Richardson on

Yoh’s Chest Piece of Unity

Now united with the dragon clan Kam and Simon set out to uncover a truth that was almost forgotten… who is Yoh?

Kam and Simon walked side by side next to the former Dragon Chieftain, “Glaezan, as the new Chieftains we demand one thing of you, and by Dragon law you cannot lie to your Chieftain.” Glaezan nodded, “This is correct. How can I be of service Chieftains?” Kam and Simon looked at each other, “Who is Yoh?”

Shocked, Glaezan came to a complete stop, “War-chief, Simon the Conqueror, why do you ask? You and Chieftain Kam the Tactician are strong enough to go and do as you please.

The two of you could live comfortably amongst the people of SclObonia as well as with us here. Why do you ask this?” Glaezan bowed his head and quickly added, “Forgive my bluntness and know that I am not withholding truths, but first I must know your hearts before I can tell you, my tiny Chieftains.” Simon turned to the dragon, “Yes, we could live comfortably but we know we don’t fit it. We know we make other clans uncomfortable because we lack fur, claws, and tails.” Kam interceded, “And the only other person we’ve come to realize didn’t fit in was Yoh.

Although we don’t know much about Yoh, we believe he may be the key to finding out this “truth” everyone here whispers about.” Glaezan nodded in acceptance of their answers, “Understood, climb onto my back. There is something I must show you.” Kam and Simon did as Glaezan instructed them. As the two settled on Glaezan’s back, he flapped his mighty wings and with one powerful leap they took off. Glaezan flew towards the peak of the mountain. Pausing above the peak of the mountain Glaezan turns towards his Chieftains, “Hold on tight and just trust me. I will allow no harm to come to you.” Not knowing what to expect Kam and Simon looked at each other, nodded, “Okay” they replied. Glaezan tucked his massive wings and began to dive towards the mountain peak.

Bracing themselves for impact Kam and Simon gripped onto Glaezan’s scales with all their might, but were beyond relieved when the mountain peak they expected to crash into turned out to be a hologram mountain top. Below Kam noticed there was a small clearing where a massive tree stood next to a well-kept shack. When Glaezan landed he made sure he didn’t disturb a single leaf on the tree. Confused and exploding with questions Kam and Simon turned to Glaezan, but before they could get a word out Glaezan shook his head “I cannot answer the questions in your head little Chieftains. Go into the house and all will be answered.”

Although annoyed at all the secrecy Kam and Simon knew Glaezan must have his reasons, so they walked up to the shack. The two looked at each other one last time and only nodded, but before they could knock on the door, it swung open and there he stood. He was at least a foot or two taller than Simon, and at first glance they assumed he was a member of the monkey clan, but there was something different about him. “Welcome Kam and Simon.

I’m glad you finally made it, there’s so much we need to talk about.” The two stood there speechless, “Oh right where are my manners. Hi, I’m Yoh. I’ve been waiting for you.”

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