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Gamer's Paradise: The XP

Posted by Jonathan Augustus on

Gamer's Paradise: The XP


One thousand feet above the meadows of SclObonia, a bank of blood thirsty and starving wyverns circle above the outskirts of Jungle Village. Holding on to the back spikes of the alpha wyvern leading the bank, Simon digs into his pack and pulls out a slingshot and a couple balls of wire. “Man, I hope Kam was right about this”, Simon murmurs as he ties the balls of wire to a few barbed-bulbs. Slowing his breath, Simon loads the sling and fires a bulb at each of the wyverns. Extremely agitated, the bank of wyverns begins diving down to the surface. Simon quickly grabs the detonator from his pack. “Here goes nothing”, he yells as he flips the switch. A high pitch frequency emits from each of the bulbs, shooting bolts of electricity down the wires electrocuting the bank of wyverns. Simon glances back and sees the heap of freshly barbecued wyverns plummet to their death. “Alright big guy it’s your turn now”, Simon shouts as he twirls his greatsword in the air before plunging it into the wyvern’s spinal cord. Simon leaps from the lifeless wyvern as it crashes to the ground and shatters into pixels, “Sweet! That makes 22 dire boars, 9 wyverns and 3 cockatrices. After I turn this stuff in I should definitely have enough XP to level up.”

Walking back into town with a pack full of dire boar tusks and wyvern claws, Simon notices a crowd causing a commotion near the inn. Curious, Simon strolled over and was shocked to see a member of the Tiger Clan and whelps from the Dragon Clan being pelted with fruits and stones. Instinctively, Simon dropped his pack of trophies and jumped in front of the growing mob, “What are you all doing?! These are children!”. Simon stood with his arms spread wide. “But they’re outsiders”, someone from the crowd responded, “Yeah they don’t belong here in Jungle Village.” Another voice cried out, “Why don’t you go back to your own clans?" Simon shook with rage. “Have you forgotten that I’m an outsider as well? Or does risking my life day in and day out to keep these beasts from wreaking havoc on your villages make you look past my lack of fur, claws, and scales”, Simon shouted, waving his bag of trophies at the villagers. Ashamed, the angered citizens averted their eyes to avoid Simon’s gaze and began leaving the scene.

As the last few stragglers left Simon turned to the Tiger clansman, as she seemed to be the eldest of the group, “I’m sorry about that, the citizens around here haven’t had much experience with other clans. Are you their guardian?” Simon gestured towards the three young Dragons. “Thank you stranger. I am A’Rie, this is Taizin, Amonz, and Azhon. I found them wandering the sewers of my clan’s territory and have watched over them ever since.” Feeling pity for them Simon handed his pack of trophies to A’Rie, “Here take this. Turn these in to the innkeeper. She’ll pay you the reward for the trophies and give you a room to rest. It’ll also give you some leverage with the locals when they hear you four saved them from the wyverns.” Shocked at the stranger’s generous act, “Thank you! H-how can I ever repay you?” A’Rie asked. Simon smiled and began walking back the way he came. “The name’s Simon and don’t worry about it”, Simon shouted, waving them off with his back turned.

“I thought things would be different here, but I guess some things are the same wherever you go” Simon muttered to himself. “Man, it’s going to take forever to farm all those claws and tusks again. Hopefully Kam had better luck with his quests.” As Simon reached the city gates, the three dragonlings caught up to him and handed him an ocarina in the shape of a dragon’s tooth, “This is for you. It is the only thing we have from the Dragon clan, but we’re Tiger clansmen now.” Touched by their appreciation, Simon used some of the leftover wire he had and fixed the ocarina into a necklace so he’d never lose it.

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