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Gamer's Paradise: The Grind

Posted by Jonathan Augustus on

Gamer's Paradise: The Grind


Kam's Data log 271: I was so close to a breakthrough today. I feel myself growing stronger every day.

Kam's Data log 332: After almost destroying the lab a couple of times I can now channel the elements with less fatigue than before. I’ve developed a sensor to determine how much of the elemental force I can harness before complete failure kicks in.

Kam's Data log 364: I’ve been holding my arcana shield for 3 hours now and after weeks of trials I can finally generate it without incantations; now I need to find a way to do it on a subconscious level. If I’m to go on my search to find the artifact I must prepare for every threat possible, no matter how unlikely it seems.

Kam's Data log 397: I’ve mastered the art of channeling the elemental force through my hands and can now perform spells of the arcana through thought. I’m finally ready to embark on my quest; I’ve pinpointed the ruins of Drazlow. I should be back before Simon finishes his mission to defend the Jungle Village.

Kam's Data log 399: I found it! After all this time I finally found it, the Codex of Amingaar. I’ll have to do some restoration spells on it though, the symbols got a little scuffed up during my encounter with those bandits from the Boar Clan. I told them I was only there to conduct research on the ruins. The five of them began circling me and at that point I realized there was only one way out. I activated my arcana shield and offered them one last out. I told them we could avoid this altercation and part ways amicably, but the simpletons somehow took my peace offering as a sign of disrespect. They said I thought I was better than them just because I knew a couple fancy spells and don’t take mud baths. The next thing I know, the bandit leader charged towards me shouting, “SOOO-IEEEE! Let’s get ‘em boys!” and swung at me with his great-axe, but was only left dumbfounded when his mighty axe shattered against my arcana shield. Surrounded, I knew I had to act quickly but this was precisely what I had trained for. My hands instinctively began weaving the signs to channel the elemental force causing bolts of lightning to shoot down from the heavens. This threw the four remaining bandits off guard enough for me to charge up a fair amount of energy. I slammed the ground with my fist, cracking open the earth beneath the bandits sending them to a magma bath. Stumbling with fear their leader tried escaping, but I raised a wall to cut off his path, then three more to encase him in a 20-foot prison of earth and stone.

Kam's Data log 400: I’ve gone through every spell I know and I still can't open the Codex. It seems that whoever sealed the Codex of Amingaar went through some serious trouble to keep whatever is in here a secret. One way or another I will uncover the truth of this land.

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