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Gamer's Paradise: The Noob

Posted by Jonathan Augustus on

Gamer's Paradise: The Noob

Struggling to get the Codex of Amingaar to open, Kam began to wonder if it was broken during his encounter with those bandits from the Pig Clan. Kam quickly shut that idea out of his head because if it was true, if the artifact he spent so long searching and preparing for had broken, Kam would lose it. Battling the urge to just give up, Kam noticed Simon was back from his mission to defend Jungle Village. “Yo Kam I’m back, didn’t get much XP this go round. How’d you do on your little research quest?” Kam turned to Simon with a look of disappointment, “Yo. It was cool until I got ambushed by some bandits. I found the Codex of Amingaar, but think it got messed up when I fought those bandits and now I’m back at square one cause this thing won’t open up.”

“Oh that sucks, but in other news check out his ocarina some dragonlings gave me! I’ve been practicing the whole way back” Simon began playing beautiful melodic notes from a dragon tooth ocarina. The ocarina’s musical melodies caused the codex to glow like a star. Kam jumped back with amazement, “Simon! How’d you do that?!” Simon looked down at his dragon-tooth ocarina, “I-I don’t know. I just started playing some notes and boom your broken toy starts spinning and glowing.” As Simon stopped playing, the Codex dimmed back to its original state and Kam’s joyful expression quickly turns sour, “Wait what did you do? Why isn’t it glowing? Keep playing! Keep playing!”  

Startled Simon fumbled with his ocarina before playing again. As the room filled with the blissful melodies from Simon’s ocarina, the Codex began lighting up again. As the music swirled about Kam’s lab the Codex began humming as it made several jerking and twisting motions before shooting beams of light onto the walls. Kam’s mouth fell open as he jumped for joy, “YES! THIS IS IT! The ancient text! The forgotten languages! They’re all here!” Kam ran and gave Simon the biggest bear hug, “Simon you genius! I don’t know how but you always manage to save the day!” Kam still brimming with joy, “Where’d you even get the skills to play that?” Simon just grinned and shrugged, “It’s what I do.”

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