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Level 1: Beanie

Posted by Jonathan Augustus on

Level 1: Beanie


It had only been a couple of hours since Kam split up from Simon and walked down the tunnel led by the tutorial robot, Tutoribot, and Kam had already broken the speed record on all of the training simulations. After he mastered the fundamental attacks and spells, Kam began reading all of the guidebooks, tutorials, and any other form of information Tutoribot had. While browsing through the ancient textbooks of SclObonia’s history Kam noticed that there’s an unnamed hero throughout all the books. “Master Kam, is there anything else I can do to be of assistance today?” Kam stretches out as he lets out a drawn out yawn, “Naw I’m good Tutoribot.”

Moving back to the door to resume its post, “Very well master Kam for you are, might I say, one bad mother-lover.”  Kam tilts his head in confusion, “Mother-lover?” Realizing it made a mistake Tutoribot quickly spins back around to Kam, “Oh my, it seems my parental guidance settings were activated, to deactivate them please refer to the parental guidance section in my manual.” Not wanting to read the manual Kam just laughs it off, “Don’t worry about it Tutoribot, but I was actually wondering something.” Flipping through the pages of the two books in front of him, “Who’s this unnamed hero in all these stories?” Tutoribot projects a hologram of a silhouette of a seemingly tall and muscular male, “Unfortunately we don’t have any information on the hero of legend, only that he led the 12 clans in an uprising to overthrow the government of the time for their unjust treatment of the citizens.” Kam shakes his head and scrolls back over to the silhouette of the unknown hero, “Ah figures, but I still can’t help but wonder… who is this ‘yo’?”

Upon hearing Kam’s question Tutoribot’s inner light begins to dim and its voice modulator drops to the lowest octave, “Secret phrase ‘Who is Yoh’ recognized. Activating hidden protocol 122335-Z.” Preparing himself Kam jumped up from his seat and raised the chair over his head, ready to send Tutoribot to the scrapyard. Suddenly a beam shot out of Tutoribot’s chest, displaying a hologram of the silhouetted hero. Stunned Kam drops the chair and stumbles back, “YO! It-it’s you, the dude from the books.” Kam’s mind began racing and brimming with questions, running up to the hologram he began his inquiry, “Who are you? Where am I? How do we get out?!” Surprisingly the hologram seemed to be shocked by Kam’s flurry of questions, “In order to find the way/truth, you must first find “YOUR way/truth.” Confused with even more questions and somewhat discouraged Kam leaned against the leg of the desk, “If you want answers, take these” the hologram said as Tutoribot pulled two glowing orbs from its chest, “These will assist you and Simon on your journey.” Shocked Kam took the orbs and replied, “How do you know about Simon?” Knowing his time was running out the hologram began fading, “No time to explain, GTD and save this land!”

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