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Level 1: Sweats

Posted by Jonathan Augustus on

Level 1: Sweats


Shaking his head Simon sighs,“Typical Kam, always taking the slow and steady route, well let’s see what’s behind this “Challenge Mode” door. The door slams shut behind Simon as he walks through. As Simon delved deeper into the cave he began to grow bored and aggravated, “uuugh this is booooring. How is this challenge mode and I haven’t done anything besides walking in this musty cave.” With all his might, Simon kicks a nearby rock and lets out a deep sigh. *Click* Simon looks back to find the source of the clicking noise and instinctively dodges a spear flying towards him. “That’s it?” Simon says unimpressed. And just as he begins to sink back into his boredom Simon hears a thunderous roar rolling throughout the cave. Simon is immediately overtaken with waves of anxiety and excitement and rushes towards the source of the monstrous roar. As Simon gets closer he can feel the cavern walls tremble as the monster cries out. As Simon reaches a clearing in the cave he feels a piercing gaze stab him in the back by a beast lying in wait. He goes to turn around but he’s too slow and is smacked across the room into a cluster of stalagmites. Slowly, Simon stands up holding his left shoulder.

The behemoth steps out of the shadows and bellows another fierce roar, shaking the cave and forcing Simon to brace himself to keep from falling from the sheer force of the monster's screams. Simon quickly looks around the room for anything he could use as a makeshift shield or weapon and finds the spear he dodged earlier lodged in the wall to his right. Simon rushes to dislodge the spear and ducks behind the stalagmites, sneaking along the edges of the cavern until he makes his way to the ledge directly behind the behemoth. “All I need is one good strike to the back of the head” Simon whispers to himself in attempts to calm his nerves. Overflowing with adrenaline and anxiety Simon sprints and leaps at the beast with an intimidating shout; however, the beast smacks Simon in midair with its tail. Simon is sent crashing to the ground, writhing in pain. Mustering up all of his strength, Simon manages to prop himself up on a nearby boulder. Looking up Simon notices the beast closing in on him before losing consciousness.

From within the dark abyss surrounding him Simon hears a man shouting, “Simon, stand up!” Simon doesn’t recognize the voice and can’t see where the voice is coming from, “Who’s there?” There is no response; rather, Simon just hears more voices echoing throughout the void. “Your journey has just begun. Stay with Kam … find the ancient ones.” In disbelief Simon questions himself, “Am I dead? Where are all the clouds and angels at? Am I really going to lose on the first level??” As Simon sinks deeper into the darkness he hears the mysterious voice once more, “You have more power within you. Stay low, move swiftly, and trust your instincts.” Suddenly a beam of light shone directly over Simon. Simon was able to make out a silhouette of the voice, “Now, I’m going to say this one time and one time only” the silhouetted figure grasped Simon by the shoulders and the dark abyss surrounding Simon dissolved away, “Gather the dr—”

Simon jerks up with new breath and sees that he’s no longer in the dark abyss, but still inside the cave with a behemoth still charging towards him! Simon manages to tumble out of the beast’s path of destruction in the nick of time. Breathing heavily Simon stands to his feet as the behemoth turns towards him before charging again. Simon notices his spear behind the behemoth and recklessly charges towards the beast head on. As the behemoth readies to pounce, Simon slides beneath it grabbing his spear and in one fluid motion slices through the tendons of the behemoth’s hind legs. The beast cried out in pain as it hobbled away. “Aw nah, you’re not getting away that easy!” Simon shouts as he hurls the spear into the back of the beast. In a fit of pain the beast whips its tail at Simon, but Simon dodges the oncoming barrage without breaking his stride. Crying out in agony the beast rears up in an attempt to stomp Simon into the bloodied ground but before it can even motion to crush Simon, he crashes into the beast’s hind legs with all his might, knocking the behemoth to the ground. With victory in sight Simon scrambles onto the beast’s back. Yanking the spear out of the back of the behemoth Simon drives the spear through the behemoth’s ocular cavity. Exhausted and victorious Simon falls back to the floor and releases a roar of triumph. Defeated, the beast begins radiating beams of light before bursting into shards of shattered pixels, leaving behind only two glowing objects.

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