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Level 1: Tee

Posted by Jonathan Augustus on

Level 1: Tee


Choosing to learn more about the world and his newfound abilities Kam followed the Tutorial robot, Tutoribot, to the training room. Within a matter of hours Kam had mastered the fundamentals of the different schools of magic and was able to commune with the elements. After perfecting his techniques Kam went through every book and scroll Tutoribot had. During his studying of SclObonia’s history Kam noticed that there was an unnamed hero throughout all the books and records. To his surprise, Kam’s search for knowledge would cause Tutoribot to activate its hidden protocol revealing a hidden message from the unnamed hero himself; however, time was a luxury the hologram hero didn’t have. In his last moments the unnamed hero gave Kam two glowing orbs and left Kam with a mission, “No time to explain, GTD and save this land!”

Simon chose the path few have ever attempted let alone complete. After wandering about the cavern for what seemed like hours Simon stumbled upon the den of a behemoth. With nothing but a spear to defend himself, Simon was tossed around like a toy before losing consciousness. While unconscious in the dark abyss of the void, Simon was visited by a mysterious stranger who told him to “Find the ancient ones. Gather the dr—“. Simon suddenly came back to life and managed to pick up on the behemoth’s attack patterns before it was too late. And with all his might Simon drove his spear through the behemoth’s ocular cavity, causing it to radiate with light before shattering into pixels, leaving behind two glowing orbs.

Spawned into an unknown land with more questions than answers, the duo were already on their respective paths to become heroes to some and legends to all. As Kam and Simon stepped out of the Cavern of Beginnings, the two saw they both had a set of glowing orbs. Brimming with questions they began informing the other on what happened, but one question stood out above all the others, who is Yoh?

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