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      Yoh’s Chest Piece of Unity

      Yoh’s Chest Piece of Unity

      Now united with the dragon clan Kam and Simon set out to uncover a truth that was almost forgotten… who is Yoh?

      Kam and Simon walked side by side next to the former Dragon Chieftain, “Glaezan, as the new Chieftains we demand one thing of you, and by Dragon law you cannot lie to your Chieftain.” Glaezan nodded, “This is correct. How can I be of service Chieftains?” Kam and Simon looked at each other, “Who is Yoh?”

      Shocked, Glaezan came to a complete stop, “War-chief, Simon the Conqueror, why do you ask? You and Chieftain Kam the Tactician are strong enough to go and do as you please.

      The two of you could live comfortably amongst the people of SclObonia as well as with us here. Why do you ask this?” Glaezan bowed his head and quickly added, “Forgive my bluntness and know that I am not withholding truths, but first I must know your hearts before I can tell you, my tiny Chieftains.” Simon turned to the dragon, “Yes, we could live comfortably but we know we don’t fit in. We know we make other clans uncomfortable because we lack fur, claws, and tails.” Kam interceded, “And the only other person we’ve come to realize didn’t fit in was Yoh.

      Although we don’t know much about Yoh, we believe he may be the key to finding out this “truth” everyone here whispers about.” Glaezan nodded in acceptance of their answers, “Understood, climb onto my back. There is something I must show you.” Kam and Simon did as Glaezan instructed them. As the two settled on Glaezan’s back, he flapped his mighty wings and with one powerful leap they took off. Glaezan flew towards the peak of the mountain. Pausing above the peak of the mountain Glaezan turns towards his Chieftains, “Hold on tight and just trust me. I will allow no harm to come to you.” Not knowing what to expect Kam and Simon looked at each other, nodded, “Okay” they replied. Glaezan tucked his massive wings and began to dive towards the mountain peak.

      Bracing themselves for impact Kam and Simon gripped onto Glaezan’s scales with all their might, but were beyond relieved when the mountain peak they expected to crash into turned out to be a hologram mountain top. Below Kam noticed there was a small clearing where a massive tree stood next to a well-kept shack. When Glaezan landed he made sure he didn’t disturb a single leaf on the tree. Confused and exploding with questions Kam and Simon turned to Glaezan, but before they could get a word out Glaezan shook his head “I cannot answer the questions in your head little Chieftains. Go into the house and all will be answered.”

      Although annoyed at all the secrecy Kam and Simon knew Glaezan must have his reasons, so they walked up to the shack. The two looked at each other one last time and only nodded, but before they could knock on the door, it swung open and there he stood. He was at least a foot or two taller than Simon, and at first glance they assumed he was a member of the monkey clan, but there was something different about him. “Welcome Kam and Simon.

      I’m glad you finally made it, there’s so much we need to talk about.” The two stood there speechless, “Oh right where are my manners. Hi, I’m Yoh. I’ve been waiting for you.”

      Level 1: Beanie

      Level 1: Beanie


      It had only been a couple of hours since Kam split up from Simon and walked down the tunnel led by the tutorial robot, Tutoribot, and Kam had already broken the speed record on all of the training simulations. After he mastered the fundamental attacks and spells, Kam began reading all of the guidebooks, tutorials, and any other form of information Tutoribot had. While browsing through the ancient textbooks of SclObonia’s history Kam noticed that there’s an unnamed hero throughout all the books. “Master Kam, is there anything else I can do to be of assistance today?” Kam stretches out as he lets out a drawn out yawn, “Naw I’m good Tutoribot.”

      Moving back to the door to resume its post, “Very well master Kam for you are, might I say, one bad mother-lover.”  Kam tilts his head in confusion, “Mother-lover?” Realizing it made a mistake Tutoribot quickly spins back around to Kam, “Oh my, it seems my parental guidance settings were activated, to deactivate them please refer to the parental guidance section in my manual.” Not wanting to read the manual Kam just laughs it off, “Don’t worry about it Tutoribot, but I was actually wondering something.” Flipping through the pages of the two books in front of him, “Who’s this unnamed hero in all these stories?” Tutoribot projects a hologram of a silhouette of a seemingly tall and muscular male, “Unfortunately we don’t have any information on the hero of legend, only that he led the 12 clans in an uprising to overthrow the government of the time for their unjust treatment of the citizens.” Kam shakes his head and scrolls back over to the silhouette of the unknown hero, “Ah figures, but I still can’t help but wonder… who is this ‘yo’?”

      Upon hearing Kam’s question Tutoribot’s inner light begins to dim and its voice modulator drops to the lowest octave, “Secret phrase ‘Who is Yoh’ recognized. Activating hidden protocol 122335-Z.” Preparing himself Kam jumped up from his seat and raised the chair over his head, ready to send Tutoribot to the scrapyard. Suddenly a beam shot out of Tutoribot’s chest, displaying a hologram of the silhouetted hero. Stunned Kam drops the chair and stumbles back, “YO! It-it’s you, the dude from the books.” Kam’s mind began racing and brimming with questions, running up to the hologram he began his inquiry, “Who are you? Where am I? How do we get out?!” Surprisingly the hologram seemed to be shocked by Kam’s flurry of questions, “In order to find the way/truth, you must first find “YOUR way/truth.” Confused with even more questions and somewhat discouraged Kam leaned against the leg of the desk, “If you want answers, take these” the hologram said as Tutoribot pulled two glowing orbs from its chest, “These will assist you and Simon on your journey.” Shocked Kam took the orbs and replied, “How do you know about Simon?” Knowing his time was running out the hologram began fading, “No time to explain, GTD and save this land!”

      Level 1: Tee

      Level 1: Tee


      Choosing to learn more about the world and his newfound abilities Kam followed the Tutorial robot, Tutoribot, to the training room. Within a matter of hours Kam had mastered the fundamentals of the different schools of magic and was able to commune with the elements. After perfecting his techniques Kam went through every book and scroll Tutoribot had. During his studying of SclObonia’s history Kam noticed that there was an unnamed hero throughout all the books and records. To his surprise, Kam’s search for knowledge would cause Tutoribot to activate its hidden protocol revealing a hidden message from the unnamed hero himself; however, time was a luxury the hologram hero didn’t have. In his last moments the unnamed hero gave Kam two glowing orbs and left Kam with a mission, “No time to explain, GTD and save this land!”

      Simon chose the path few have ever attempted let alone complete. After wandering about the cavern for what seemed like hours Simon stumbled upon the den of a behemoth. With nothing but a spear to defend himself, Simon was tossed around like a toy before losing consciousness. While unconscious in the dark abyss of the void, Simon was visited by a mysterious stranger who told him to “Find the ancient ones. Gather the dr—“. Simon suddenly came back to life and managed to pick up on the behemoth’s attack patterns before it was too late. And with all his might Simon drove his spear through the behemoth’s ocular cavity, causing it to radiate with light before shattering into pixels, leaving behind two glowing orbs.

      Spawned into an unknown land with more questions than answers, the duo were already on their respective paths to become heroes to some and legends to all. As Kam and Simon stepped out of the Cavern of Beginnings, the two saw they both had a set of glowing orbs. Brimming with questions they began informing the other on what happened, but one question stood out above all the others, who is Yoh?

      Level 1: Sweats

      Level 1: Sweats


      Shaking his head Simon sighs,“Typical Kam, always taking the slow and steady route, well let’s see what’s behind this “Challenge Mode” door. The door slams shut behind Simon as he walks through. As Simon delved deeper into the cave he began to grow bored and aggravated, “uuugh this is booooring. How is this challenge mode and I haven’t done anything besides walking in this musty cave.” With all his might, Simon kicks a nearby rock and lets out a deep sigh. *Click* Simon looks back to find the source of the clicking noise and instinctively dodges a spear flying towards him. “That’s it?” Simon says unimpressed. And just as he begins to sink back into his boredom Simon hears a thunderous roar rolling throughout the cave. Simon is immediately overtaken with waves of anxiety and excitement and rushes towards the source of the monstrous roar. As Simon gets closer he can feel the cavern walls tremble as the monster cries out. As Simon reaches a clearing in the cave he feels a piercing gaze stab him in the back by a beast lying in wait. He goes to turn around but he’s too slow and is smacked across the room into a cluster of stalagmites. Slowly, Simon stands up holding his left shoulder.

      The behemoth steps out of the shadows and bellows another fierce roar, shaking the cave and forcing Simon to brace himself to keep from falling from the sheer force of the monster's screams. Simon quickly looks around the room for anything he could use as a makeshift shield or weapon and finds the spear he dodged earlier lodged in the wall to his right. Simon rushes to dislodge the spear and ducks behind the stalagmites, sneaking along the edges of the cavern until he makes his way to the ledge directly behind the behemoth. “All I need is one good strike to the back of the head” Simon whispers to himself in attempts to calm his nerves. Overflowing with adrenaline and anxiety Simon sprints and leaps at the beast with an intimidating shout; however, the beast smacks Simon in midair with its tail. Simon is sent crashing to the ground, writhing in pain. Mustering up all of his strength, Simon manages to prop himself up on a nearby boulder. Looking up Simon notices the beast closing in on him before losing consciousness.

      From within the dark abyss surrounding him Simon hears a man shouting, “Simon, stand up!” Simon doesn’t recognize the voice and can’t see where the voice is coming from, “Who’s there?” There is no response; rather, Simon just hears more voices echoing throughout the void. “Your journey has just begun. Stay with Kam … find the ancient ones.” In disbelief Simon questions himself, “Am I dead? Where are all the clouds and angels at? Am I really going to lose on the first level??” As Simon sinks deeper into the darkness he hears the mysterious voice once more, “You have more power within you. Stay low, move swiftly, and trust your instincts.” Suddenly a beam of light shone directly over Simon. Simon was able to make out a silhouette of the voice, “Now, I’m going to say this one time and one time only” the silhouetted figure grasped Simon by the shoulders and the dark abyss surrounding Simon dissolved away, “Gather the dr—”

      Simon jerks up with new breath and sees that he’s no longer in the dark abyss, but still inside the cave with a behemoth still charging towards him! Simon manages to tumble out of the beast’s path of destruction in the nick of time. Breathing heavily Simon stands to his feet as the behemoth turns towards him before charging again. Simon notices his spear behind the behemoth and recklessly charges towards the beast head on. As the behemoth readies to pounce, Simon slides beneath it grabbing his spear and in one fluid motion slices through the tendons of the behemoth’s hind legs. The beast cried out in pain as it hobbled away. “Aw nah, you’re not getting away that easy!” Simon shouts as he hurls the spear into the back of the beast. In a fit of pain the beast whips its tail at Simon, but Simon dodges the oncoming barrage without breaking his stride. Crying out in agony the beast rears up in an attempt to stomp Simon into the bloodied ground but before it can even motion to crush Simon, he crashes into the beast’s hind legs with all his might, knocking the behemoth to the ground. With victory in sight Simon scrambles onto the beast’s back. Yanking the spear out of the back of the behemoth Simon drives the spear through the behemoth’s ocular cavity. Exhausted and victorious Simon falls back to the floor and releases a roar of triumph. Defeated, the beast begins radiating beams of light before bursting into shards of shattered pixels, leaving behind only two glowing objects.